It’s a Wonderful Wife

This holiday season, her dreams may come true after all.

It's a Wonderful Life a Novel by Camille Pagàn

Coincidence … or Christmas miracle?
Bailey George’s life hasn’t turned out quite like she hoped it would. She doesn’t have the children she always longed for, and her husband, Chris, barely seems to register her presence. Still, her nephew and nieces rely on her. So do most people in her small town, who work at the family cannery she’s run since her parents’ untimely deaths. She’s lucky—or so she tries to remind herself.

But just as a careless mistake threatens to sink her already-struggling business, Bailey discovers that Chris has been hiding something from her. And with Christmas Eve fast approaching, she finds herself on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Then Bailey runs into a handsome stranger who claims to know her—and through a series of strange events, helps her realize how much she’s impacted the people she loves.

In this charming retelling of Frank Capra’s classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life, bestselling author Camille Pagán shines new light on what it takes to make a difference in this wonderfully messy world.

It's a Wonderful Life a Novel by Camille Pagàn