Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties

“[Pagán’s] writing is fun and engaging. Maggie is a wonderful character, and readers will identify with her struggles and successes in rebuilding her life.” —Booklist

Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties, a novel by Camille Pagán

She’s a woman on the verge of a nervous breakthrough.

At fifty-three, Maggie Harris has a good marriage and two mostly happy children. Perpetually anxious, she’s also accumulated a list of semi-reasonable fears: falling air conditioners, the IRS, identity theft, skydiving, and airbag recalls. But never once did Maggie worry that her husband of nearly thirty years would leave her.

On the day Adam walks out the door, everything that makes Maggie secure goes with him. Only then does she realize that while she’s been busy caring for everyone else, she’s become invisible to the world—and to herself.

Maggie cautiously begins to rebuild her life with a trip to Rome, a new career, and even a rebound romance. But when a fresh crisis strikes and an uncertain future looms, she must decide: How much will she risk to remain the woman she’s just become?

Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties, a novel by Camille Pagán

Praise for Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties:

Pagán has created a winning character in Maggie. Watching her wake up to the world around her and realize that there’s more to life than a dull marriage is exciting and relatable. Women’s fiction readers will find a lot to like in this book.

Library Journal

Both entertaining and filled with life’s wisdoms… Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties is an empowering story for women of all ages with a wise reminder not to lose our authentic selves.


Pagán does a wonderful job of bringing us a character that is so believable you feel like you know her. You can relate to many of her problems and concerns, as well as understand just how easy it is for some to find themselves in the same situation. With her usual precision, Pagan breaks down the barriers of thought and how we can find the strength that is within everyone of us … If you enjoy family drama and stories of growth you will find this a terrific addition to your library.

Seattle PI

Even if you’re not reinventing your life in your fifties, you’ll still relate.


It’s no surprise that I loved every page of this book … the story flowed smoothly without feeling rushed and never feeling too slow. Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties is a feel-good novel with likable characters. It’s lighthearted at times and poignant at others. I definitely recommend this one.

Roundtable Reviews

Kudos to Camille Pagán … for such a wonderful, emotional and encouraging read.

Linda’s Book Obsession

With her characteristic wit and elevated writing style, Camille Pagán gives us a candid glimpse into a tale as old as time: woman marries man; man leaves woman; woman sees her solo image in the mirror and wonders, ‘Who on earth is that?’. Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties is a life-affirming story about what it takes to find yourself after decades of marriage and mothering have made you fade into the wallpaper.

—Julie Lawson Timmer

Bestselling author of Mrs. Saint and the Defectives

Camille Pagán does it again! In her new novel, Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties, she takes readers on a journey from heartbreak to hope, all the while making us feel like we are hanging out with our best friend. I could not put this book down!

—Elizabeth LaBan

Bestselling author of The Restaurant Critic’s Wife and Pretty Little World

Her husband is looking for something better. But so is Maggie and she won’t stop until she finds it. Camille Pagán shines a light on the girl Maggie Halfmoon left behind and her memorable journey to move forward. Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties is a page-turning and engaging tale that I read in one sitting.

—Ann Garvin

Author of Lift and Separate

Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties is a beautiful, heartrending portrayal of involuntarily exchanging a life you loved for one that feels foreign and adrift. Maggie’s journey of self-discovery postdivorce is completely relatable and totally realistic—how do we find ourselves again after we’ve devoted our prime years to the care and upkeep of others? She’s equal parts vulnerable and brave; Maggie is the woman we all want to be after life kicks us in the shins. Loved every minute.

—Eliza Gordon

Author of Dear Dwayne with Love